Passionate about animals and of course horses, I have been a rider from a young age.

     I graduated in equine science and ethology as well as in breeding technique from the French Institute of Horse and Riding (IFCE).

I graduated from RNCP in Manual Equine Physiotherapy.

My gaze is specialized in biomechanics but my background allows me to approach the horse in its entirety.

I am recognized by international institutions I am a member of IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapist), ACAPT (The Association of Chartered Physiotherapy in Animal Therapy) and IRVAP (The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy ).

 I am an associate member of ISES (International Society of Equitation Science) because I conduct research in equine sciences, curious by nature I try to understand the horse as a whole in connection with the advances in scientific knowledge.

Not knowing when to stop, I am also a Competition Official, French Equestrian Federation.

Finally, I would like to stress that working in different countries, I fully respect the legislation in force and the advice of the respective Veterinary Councils.

I live in the Loire Valley I, in my stables, at the gates of Sologne which allows me to cross France, and having lived for years in the United Kingdom I am there frequently.

Domaine Equestre des Brosses

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